Kevin De Bruyne Injury Can Hurt Man City

Kevin de Bruyne Manchester City Premier League
Kevin de Bruyne Manchester City Premier League
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Kevin De Bruyne, Manchester City attacking midfielder, is going to be ruled out for up to 10 weeks due to a ligament-tear he suffered during this week.

With that being set in stone, the club needs to figure out what to do long-term until the Belgian international returns to the field.

Raheem Sterling can start out left, but he is not as good on the ball as David Silva. Yaya Toure usually sits as one of the two in the central-defensive midfield position but, but he can attack as well. Therefore, he can play as the central-attacking midfielder with a teammate on either side of him behind the lone striker.

Fabian Delph could start next to Fernandinho as the central midfielders behind the three attacking ones – Silva (left), Toure (central) and Jesus Navas (right). These five players are capable of proving more than enough support for Sergio Aguero who will be the only forward.

De Bruyne is a player that started all of the important games, was able to pick out teammates and even scored some important goals. With that reasoning, losing an in-form player towards the end of January has to hurt. He came in during August and managed to fit in with his world-class teammates like it was nothing.

Now, Manchester City has a decision to make: work with what they have or sign a player that could come in do the same damage as De Bruyne did.

One player that comes to mind with rumors carrying his name is none other than Real Madrid and Spanish international midfielder, Francisco Alarcon (Isco for short). The 23-year-old is a playmaker, a goal-scorer and is hard-working whenever he is given the chance. He is a younger version of Silva (Man City) with his level of speed, skill, vision and impact. If he joins City, he will inch closer to becoming a complete attacking midfielder with his predecessor.

Once again though: it is up to City if they want to bring in a high-quality player to replace De Bruyne in the starting XI. Although, the replacement will be temporary until the Belgian returns from injury.

Regardless of what decision is made, one thing is for certain: with everything De Bruyne has contributed thus far, to lose him now with the Round of 16 of the Champions League looming, the race to the Premier League title heating up and the domestic cup competitions completing the tournaments they are in, it is a tough break. To lose a player of his quality  and impact is almost irreplaceable. But a reinforcement in Isco could always be a plus.

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